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Latest committee meeting minutes (July 2022)

  • MS - speak to Jesse re the Treasurer role - DONE - he's interested but just need to go thru some detail
  • MS - email ladies to start a ladies community - DONE and Ang has already started comms with them
  • MS - email all juniors re entering them into a junior internal league - DONE
  • GW - speak to Squash+ re whether they can offer a flexible approach to coaching, ie if someone books and pays for 6 lessons but can't take them sequentially then can they carry them over
  • GW - send MS the 3 juniors who are interested in NWCSL
  • GW - purchase trophy cabinet and hall of fame board
  • DK - speak to Grove Park re 3rd court
  • AK - speak to Bowden re 3rd court
  • GH - to produce 2022/23 budget
Next meeting 8th Aug